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The Design Council hosted a whole forum about measuring the impact of design, there are a few views on the subject in Design Week.  Beside the debate and exertion I am wondering how to make this actually work? How can this become design businesses and professionals’ second nature, especially if you are a small consultancy or a sole-trader?

How to start measuring?
It starts at the briefing stage. Somewhere under the project goals and objectives, it might be about impact on sales figures, production costs or recruitment. Whilst quantitative impact evaluation is obvious although as harsh and short sighted, how about working at establishing qualitative impact criteria such as: likelihood of clients returning, bringing smiles and hapiness (I’m absolutely serious)..?

An analysis shortly after publication or product launch often comes with straightforward sales figures and other online traffic metrics. But the real benefit for designers in measuring the impact of their creative input is to keep doing it regurlarly after the project is over. It is an easy way to upsale design services, expertise or inform the development of your next product and keep in touch with your clients.

What do you think? Join the conversation!

I am interested to hear from designers who are doing it or want to do it. Please drop me a line (info@mariongillet.com) or leave a comment.

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