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cropped-image_022“I am Marion Gillet, a Design Management Consultant.” Usually when I say this at parties or to anyone I meet I get:

  • a slightly confused smile
  • no answer
  • “design, what sort of design?”

and therefore I have to explain myself the best I can:

“I work with small design companies and assist them as they take products to market or grow their business.” or

“I provide marketing and sales services to design businesses”

And that gets me:

  • a slightly confused smile
  • no answer
  • “and what sort of products or designs”

This blog is NOT about explaining what I do, but is a place to share my knowledge and thoughts on the business of design. I believe that design is a great force if well used in any industry, it’s just not used at its full potential. I also believe designers, creative professionals and inventors must get better at understanding business in general if they want to be understood by other businesses and become more successful.

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