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Walking is the most natural way to travel. Accessible to anyone with the ability to use their leg; one could argue that you only need one fully working leg to walk.

Summer walking in Bangalore

I am certainly used to discovering a city by walking, using public transport or cycling. Driving would always be my very last transport of choice, so I never thought I would ever have my own private driver. Surely my time here would have been quite different without one!

I’ve enjoyed walking whilst visiting smaller places like Mysore or Cochin and if there is a ‘walking class’, I don’t think I’m part of it. The upper and middle classes practice brisk-walking as a way to exercise. I sometimes see a couple of neighbours brisk-walking around my building in full running gear. Such activity is possible on the clean, private and even pavement surrounding the building where I live. My partner has given up on running as it would involve being driven to the nearest park. I even found an advertisement for a walking machine that you use whilst lying down, a testament to the ability of business to capitalise on an everyday activity, repackage it and sell it back to the rich.

The walking machine

The poorest walk or defiantly drive their bullock-drawn carriage on the motorway; in cities I see coconut merchants carrying kilos of coconuts on bicycles, entire families on motorbikes or in rickshaws – very middle class, I’ve read. Cars are always packed to more than their full capacity… except for those for the expats and the very rich who view all of this from the comfort of their A/C Innova.

Street seller in Mysore

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