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All the steel you need for your home

Stainless steel and other alloys for your home

A pressure cooker is the one essential item to have in all kitchens in India (besides a tawa and a coconut grater).

The neighbourhood’s kitchen and tableware store is old fashioned; you tell the assistant what you need and items are picked from shelves and brought to the customer . As a pressure cooker is not a rare item that people buy, when asking for one, you expect to be given a wide range of  options in shape, size, quality, functions and corresponding gadgets. As a westerner you come to expect to be shown the most fancy and expensive items.

In this case, we stared and pointed at different pots on the shelves – steel, anodised or aluminium. We even asked for “another brand” but this question got lost in translation.  Thinking that we had to choose from what we were presented with, we went for the steel one. As our guarantee was being stamped to seal our purchase,  we noticed two different pressure cookers from other brands on another, higher shelf. When asked, the sales assistant indeed confirm that those, too, were pressure cookers.

So it seems that we experienced an easy sale rather than an expensive sale. Were we too difficult to deal with because of language differences?

Our simple need for a pressure cooker is met, though, so there’s no point in expecting more. And it works just great…

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